Over my life I have found that communication is a lot like playing the game “telephone”. When you play telephone, one person starts with a phrase in their head. They whisper that phrase into the ear of the person next to them. It’s then that person’s responsibility to pass that phrase onto the next person … More Words.

I woke up…..

People always ask me if I remember anything from being in a coma. I wish had gone to heaven and back. I didn’t. The only memory I have from being in a coma was a dream happening while I was starting to wake up. I was in dumpster outside my aunt’s church and I couldn’t … More I woke up…..

My Dad cried…

My Dad cried… When I asked my Dad the other day about my transplant he said the following  “I can easily talk about the facts of those few weeks, but I struggle to sum up my emotions. It was so hard, I just cried a lot. I had dedicated my whole life to protecting you … More My Dad cried…


In some ways this part of my story is the easiest for me to write. Mainly because this part of the story isn’t really mine, mine begins later. This part of my story belongs to my friends who cried at my bedside. This part of my story belongs to our church family that surrounded my … More Transplant


Before We all remember a moment before… Before the illness…. Before the divorce…. Before the fight…. Before the great disappointment… Before. Although it is does depend on the event that precipitated your before, I think most people look fondly at their before. As I stated in my first blog post, I feel compelled to share … More Before.