I am a professional assumer.

I am a professional assumer. I’ve been at it so long and I’m so good at it, that most of the time I don’t even realize that I’m doing it.  I assess people and situations. Before I ask questions, seek clarity or perspective, I decide what is true.  For example, let’s say Bryan walks in … More I am a professional assumer.


I have had a really tough week with Piper. She is sick. She is intense normally, but she is especially intense when she is sick. I have had to miss things that are really important to me this week. I have been asked to sit and watch TV when I had a thousand other things … More Apologize.

Be Present.

Like I have shared in my last couple blogs, this is a tough series for me to write. Most of the time when I write about something, I am a couple steps ahead of the struggle. This one is different. We are in the trenches with our intense child. In fact, right before I started … More Be Present.

I had to grieve.

I feel like there are things that I am going to say in this series that can easily be misunderstood, especially if you aren’t raising an intense child. My hope and prayer as you read this series is that you remember who I am and my commitment to wholeness. Sometimes the process to get there … More I had to grieve.