Way Maker

“Why do you write?” It feels like an eternity has passed since I last wrote a blog post. It’s actually only been a month.  I’ve been silent because I’m taking a blog class. As the class began, I was once again confronted with the question, “Why do you write?” When I’ve been asked that question … More Way Maker

Quarantine 15.

How do we thrive in this season of uncertainty? It’s amazing how quickly words can be introduced and integrated into our daily vocabulary. Four months ago I had never heard the term “Shelter in place” or “Coronavirus”. I had never used the word quarantine in a sentence before. Now those words seem to be as … More Quarantine 15.

Less of me.

[Before I start I want to acknowledge a few things. First, if you read my blogs weekly, this content may sound familiar. I wrote a series on the Holy Spirit last summer and most of the content from this blog comes from that series. Also, I recognize that there is a lot of content in … More Less of me.